As you’re strolling along the beach in Badalona, just as you arrive to Pont del Petroli, if you come across a monkey with human features that invites you to raise a toast with a bottle of anisette, then don’t be surprised. It’s a sculpture by the artist Susana Ruiz, given to Badalona by the drinks firm Osborne in 2012 in appreciation for the fact that, since 1870, the city has been home to the factory producing the famous Anís del Mono (“the monkey’s anisette”). Rumour has it that the face of the ape is question is a jibe directed at Charles Darwin. The reason: the Bosch brothers, who were the owners of the firm, didn’t believe the English scientist’s theory of evolution. The most likely explanation, however, is that the chosen animal pays tribute to the monkey that used to live in the factory and make the city’s children laugh with its antics.        

Photo: KarSol – Shutterstock