A skater’s board is his tool of work. And its design reflects his personality. Tired of painted and vinyl boards, which can be damaged after just a week of use, a group of young entrepreneurs –students for an Entrepreneurial Leadership degree at the Madrid branch of the University of Mondragón– has launched Paraná, the first brand that applies laser engraving to the wood. The key was finding a system by which the engraving would be minimal, so that it didn’t affect the quality of the skateboard or the way it was used. “That’s why the engraving is only on the first layer of the seven that make up the board and which consist of Canadian maple,” says Miguel Díaz, one of the members of this group.

Once it had solved the technological problems, Paraná wanted to make more innovations in the skateboard sector, and decided to recruit artists wishing to exhibit their work outside the normal channels. “We wanted to bring art into the street, create limited editions, and escape mass design and production,” Díaz adds.

And since every skater has an artist inside, this brand gives each owner the chance to personalise his boards with his own designs. Through their website ( anyone can send in his drawing, logotype and the lettering he wants and thus create a unique work of art upon which to roll down his city’s streets.