Gran Canaria could be the setting for an R.L. Stevenson novel. After all, this island can offer plenty of treasures, including its very own brand of local rum. This is one spirit with lots of character, and the inspiration for perhaps the most famous pirate song in literature.

Rum is for gatherings, aperitifs and parties. It is drunk all over the world: neat or mixed with soft drinks. And who has not toasted with a glass of rum, at least once in their lives, by intoning “Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum”? In Gran Canaria, which has the perfect climate for growing sugar cane, production has a long history. “The sugar cane, which is the essential raw material for rum, is cut, stripped of its leaves and sent to our mill, where it is crushed. The resulting cane juice is fermented, giving a cane wine of about eight percent alcohol. This is distilled in the traditional Arehucas way, and what you have at the end is a fine cane liquor, which is what is put into our barrels to mature. We have rum ageing in more than 4,000 barrels of white American oak,” explains César Arencibia, Head of Tourism at Destilerías Arehucas, an iconic business on the island, and one with a very special product.

The distillery is in the north of Gran Canaria, in Arucas, the town that gives the rum its name. A brand with history, it is produced in one of the largest and oldest rum distilleries in Europe. The distillery is also a tourist attraction, receiving 60,000 visits per year, and its rum is a guarantee of quality on the crowded shelves of our bars and pubs. Who could have foreseen the company’s big future when it was founded in 1884? Today, the Canarian rum, which offers a range of brands apart with the famous Arehucas, finds its place in many a suitcase on the return journey. If Stevenson had visited Gran Canaria he would certainly have broken open a bottle or two. Cheers!