We don’t like stereotypes, but we do like the sun.

It was in its honour that the Costa del Sol, the Sun Coast, of Malaga province was given its name (although there was a time when this name was used to refer to the Almeria coast).

We don’t like stereotypes, but we do like small towns. For their good food and their stillness, and particularly for the people. In Spain it is very common for those living in the cities to have family in some small town or other. Small towns are their roots, their childhood memories and a place to return to. And coastal towns we love most of all!

We don’t like stereotypes, but in Malaga the food is so good that here it is worth paying a little extra attention to eating.

We don’t like stereotypes but we do like festivals, and in Andalusia these are full of vibrant colours, friendly people and the pleasant sound of conversation like running water. The Malaga Fair is just one example of these light-hearted affairs.

Sometimes, after spending time among people, coming to the solemn silence of an Andalusian courtyard, the best thing to do is close your eyes and breathe in deeply, taking in the scent of geraniums.

As it turns out, actually we do enjoy some stereotypes…