The seventh film about James Bond, the most charismatic spy in Her Majesty’s Secret Service, deals with a contraband diamond network and is shot at a number of picturesque locations. One of them is Amsterdam, whose canals and bridges are the perfect backdrop for this movie starring Sean Connery in his last appearance as Agent 007. Diamonds Are Forever is classic Bond, with the free-flowing pop air and politically incorrect humour that characterised this franchise before the Bourne spy series came along. This is evident in the scene featuring the Magere Brug or “Skinny Bridge”: assassins Mr Wint and Mr Kidd two of the most savagely amusing villains in the whole series stand on the bridge joking as the police remove their latest victim from the canal; behind them there’s brief glimpse of the yellow Triumph driven by Connery along the Amstel River. With its traditional style and central part that can be drawn up, the Magere Brug is one of the most beautiful bridges in the city. Night is probably the best time to visit, when more than a thousand light bulbs illuminate it.


Título: Diamonds are forever (1971)

Director: Guy Hamilton

Writers: Richard Mainbaum, Tom Mankiewicz, Ian Fleming

Cinematography: Ted Moore

Cast: Sean Connery, Jill St. John, Charles Gray