Few cities can permit these luxuries. The fact that Tel Aviv is one of the world’s leading centres of technology and entrepreneurship makes for something curious: the application we’re presenting today can be used in the city and has been created in Tel Aviv itself.

We’re talking about Moovit, one of the most highly developed apps on the planet when it comes to mobility. In essence, the app shows the user the best way to get around using a combination of all the public transport systems in each city.

Moovit operates in more than 1,400 cities in over 75 countries and has more than 60 million users. Naturally it’s free and has been translated into a zillion languages.

And something curious about the way this this app has impacted the world: taking part in the financial process to develop it was the BMW automobile manufacturer. In light of the fact that the app even recommends that you not by a car, it’s a sign of the times with regard to urban mobility of the future, with fewer private cars.