300 days of sun each year. 450 bars. 1,320 restaurants. 14 kilometres of beaches. Art and culture 24 hours a day… These are figures that justify a visit to Tel Aviv, a young city that blends the modern and the traditional. But there’s more: it is the city with the third largest urban economy in the Middle East after Kuwait City and Abu Dhabi. It is known as The White City for the large number of buildings in the Bauhaus style, and it concentrates a large part of the technological talent in the region. Thus its other nickname: “Silicon Wadi”.


Guy Avnet 23

Guy works in Botanika, one of the best cocktail bars in the city. And at just 23, the nightlife and the girls are what he likes most about this city. He knows what to do and where to go at any hour of the night. “Because in this city you can have the best hamburger in your life at five in the morning.” And he says you can also find the best culinary specialities form all over the world prepared with the country’s best basic products. As for the girls, Guy is certain: “The prettiest women in Israel are in Tel Aviv.”

Ofir Deshev 34

A guide by profession, Ofir knows very well the kind of tourists who come to Tel Aviv. Some come for the city’s cultural life. Others for the technology and the start-ups. There are those who end up here to study where Jesus was born and died, in neighbouring Bethlehem and Jerusalem. “But it’s the amusement and food that tourists remember best when they leave the city.” That and one of the best urban beaches in the world “and a seaside promenade that has nothing to envy of Copacabana or Ipanema.”


Tomer Poleg 43

When he was five years old he left Tel Aviv. Since then he has lived in many cities, including London, Paris and New York. In 2007 he decided to settle down, in Tel Aviv. “Everyone told me I was crazy,” says Tomer, who has always been fascinated by the city’s mix of tradition and modernity. “I love that photo of a 1930s Bauhaus building and a glass skyscraper that could be in Manhattan.” Within five years Tel Aviv will have an Underground and Tomer is convinced it will become one of the 10 most desirable cities to live in.


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