An Italian, a Brit and a Sri Lankan. Three anonymous Londoners whose lives represent the multicultural nature of the city. It’s often said that in London you can find all the races and peoples of the world. This aspect of the British capital is highlighted by these residents, together with its river, the Thames, along which people can stroll in their leisure time and which offers some of the best views of the city.

Lara Martinotta / 28 años

The multicultural nature of London is what attracted this Italian to settle there. For her, being in constant contact with people from so many different places is really stimulating. “Living in London, I experience so many feelings and emotions that it’s like travelling all day.” For Martinotta, London is also a city of opportunities. She landed her first job there in a company that organises trips to Japan. “The competition is fierce here, like in Italy, but companies are more willing to trust people who are starting out.”

Velalakan Thuraisingam / 40 años

Velalakan first arrived in London from Sri Lanka ten years ago. He now has his own business: a small newsagent and souvenir shop on a busy street in the British capital. Because it’s always summer in Sri Lanka, he admits that the hardest thing about moving was getting used to the grey skies that prevail for a large part of the year. That’s why he likes summer in London. That and the fact that sales in his shop multiply. There are always tourists in London but the number increases dramatically in summer, something that can only be good for business, since 75% of Velalakan’s customers are visitors to the city.

Alexander Cunningham / 56 años

From Monday to Friday, Alexander teaches music in a school in central London. When the weekend comes, he likes to get out and explore the city. “It’s a lovely city to walk around, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, when shops and offices are closed and it’s nice and quiet.” London is full of parks, monuments and beautiful buildings, but the ones Alexander likes most are located on the banks of the Thames. “You can also take a trip along the river to Richmond or down to Greenwich, where there are spectacular views.”